Home Safety and Security Measures for the Elderly

Home Safety and Security Measures for the Elderly

With getting older, it gets harder to go along in life. Older adults have to deal with visual and hearing problems, various aches, a loss of muscular strength and physical unsteadiness. With a decrease in endurance ability, there might be a few measures that can help them through these tough times. Decreasing bone density makes this group more vulnerable to the smallest of accidents.

Measures should start at home because this is the place that people spend most of their time. Home is the place that everyone should feel safe.


Handrails are the first thing that can be used to provide older people support. After all, with age often comes various diseases that may cause them to become weak or dizzy. That is why handrails are the ultimate resource in fall prevention. The lighting near the stairs should be bright enough to make it easy to see.

If affordability is not a problem, sensors can be used near stairs to make the guiding process simpler. This process is vital as most accidents happen near the stairs. The curved edges make slipping easier and so the condition of stairs should be checked at regular intervals.


There should be rails next to the bed for the person’s comfort. It should not be too high for them either. If movement into the bed can be guided with the help of the rails, this will allow the individual to have increased independence. The larger the room, the smaller the chances of any injuries occurring. It would be better if their room is on the lower floors. All powerpoints and switches should be within their reach, and there should be proper lighting as per the need of the setting, i.e. day and night. 


The kitchen is another place that might cause severe injury or even death for anyone, let alone the elderly. The gas connection should be equipped as such that it turns off in case of flames. Proper exhaust systems might be a lifesaver. Heavyweight items should be placed on the lowest possible shelf, and things like knives should be kept so that they are in a safe space away from people.


Slip-proof floors help with slipping problem in the bathrooms. The lock system should be secure and not too complicated. The system installed to manage the water temperature should be set and be easy to manage to avoid burns from extremely hot water. The ventilation should be adequate, and the bathroom should have appropriate aids.

Apart from this, there are several things that people must pay attention to.

Before answering the door

Lighting might help with intrusions. Also, placing cameras at the door might deter burglars. One can even peek through the window before answering the door, as intruders see old age as an opportunity to break in and steal valuables.

Dealing with emergencies

Cell phones prove to be a great help when it comes to emergencies. Speed dial is the ultimate solution. The list of speed dial contacts may contain the phone numbers of family members, hospitals, ambulance, police and the fire department.

Senior citizens should have big button cell phones because normal cell-phones can be an inconvenience to them. Also, the brightness should be set on high.

  • When it comes to medications, there are various devices to remind people when they need to take their pills. A gadget like this can help in avoiding medical emergencies.
  • Walking aids like a walking stick can help a senior citizen with mobility and injury prevention
  • There are emergency response systems available in the market that help senior citizens to contact the nearest station in case of medical emergencies.

The simplest of steps can prevent the largest of accidents. And so we must keep in mind the safety of people who were once responsible for ours.

Why Are Plumbing Services Expensive?

With a blocked toilet or a blocked kitchen sink, along with it is one of life’s tests. Your garden or home is flooded with water or something worse raw sewage. The drainage pipes can become damaged or blocked by tree roots, toilet paper and other problems like items being flushed down the toilet. 

When you have a blockage the first thing you need to do is get someone out to your home to fix the problem. It can’t just be anyone you need someone who knows what they are doing and who has the right equipment.

Who can unblock a drain?

A licensed drainer or plumber will need to attend to the problem there are some plumbers who only deal with blockages, so they have the expertise and experience to carry out unblocking the drains safe and easy. You will find there are different costs per experienced person you get so do some quotes first to see who is offering the best price.

How will they fix the problem?

Technology today is great, and plumbers have many different ways they can unblock drains, but they need to locate and identify the blockage first in order to know the best plan of action. Plumbers today have CCTV cameras also known as sewer drain cameras and they allow the plumber to see inside the pipes and find the location of the blockage.

Once the plumber has found the problem, he will use the best tools and methods for that type of blockage. A common tool most plumbers use is the electric eel. This is a long flexible steel rod that has cutters that protrude from the ends that will cut through things like tree roots and other blockages to make them smaller, so they are easier to get out.

There are however drawbacks to the electric eels and they can often damage pipes and the fact they only have a limited distance.  Plumbers if need be will use a hydro-jet device that uses high pressured water to unblock the drain. These are safe and more effective than the standard reels and are becoming more and more used in the plumbing industry. If the tree roots in the drains have ended up damaging them, your pipes they may need to be replaced. 

How are you going to be charged?

Some plumbers will charge a call-out fee which is added on to their hourly rate. The call-out fee normally sits around the $60 to $100 range but more on weekends or after hours. The hourly rates are between $100 and $150 but will depend on the plumber and where you live.

The price will depend on the skill level also if it is a massive blockage that requires higher skills then it will be more expensive than if they send out an apprentice just to fix a small leak.

It will vary from place to place but here a few prices:

  • Toiler or kitchen sink unblock    $80 to $120
  • Clear a short stretch of blocked pipe   $300 to $500
  • Replace portions of your piping $1000 to $3000 
  • Replace the entire drain system $5000 to $20,000

All plumbers will let you know what needs to be done and the cost you are looking at before any work is carried out.

Now let’s talk a bit about green plumbing. Green plumbing refers to materials and appliances which are equally cost-friendly and environment friendly. With specialist plumbers all over the world, it’ll be easy to decide the best materials for your requirements.

Why Are Plumbing Services Expensive?

Water pipes

Having great water pipes helps prevent water and waste flows. Additionally, it guarantees the right water pressure for unique needs. The usage of cross-linked polyethylene (or PEX) and steel are favoured as such help maintain the right temperature for water to go through. Plumbing made from PEX is also more flexible and will accommodate abrupt changes in water pressure.

Pipe insulators can also be added by construction contractors. These help decrease heat loss during winter months and saving costs for heating.


Green Planet offers well-designed toilets that reduce your water intake. Environment-friendly bathrooms use less water in contrast to regular bathrooms. This can help save water use by around 60 per cent.


Faucets are indispensable in bringing water into the household. Located mostly in the kitchen and toilet, faucets may also be the prime source of water wastage. Green Earth utilizes newer water taps that have a diminished pressure delivery method, and that prevents water from being wasted. These low-flow water systems help reduce water wastage and decrease energy costs. Obviously, people should also refrain from maintaining the water flowing unnecessarily so as to save costs.

Showers and showerheads

Showers and showerheads can significantly affect your water intake. This is because not all the water that emerges from these is really used. A green pipes option is to utilize newer showerheads with better functionality.

Low-flow water technologies can conserve water by around 20%. Most eco-friendly showerheads developed by green engineering companies in Australia utilise pressures which are only up to 1.75 gallons per minute versus that of routine showerheads that might add up to greater values. This helps save energy and water but does not necessarily compromise the operations of the shower.

Improvements in Water Storage for the Home

If there is a place any person would loathe to be, it’s a home without water. In fact, if we had to choose between living in a home without water and one without power supply, we would most likely choose the latter. You can charge devices or light a home by substituting electrical power with solar power, wind power or petroleum. Water has no substitutes! You cannot quench a water-craving thirst with soda or other juices. And hey, who would fill their bathtub with Coke and sit in it?

Whether you live in a home with consistent tab-running water or have to bring in water from an outside source, disasters make part of human living and may at some point disrupt your water supply. Think of the unpredicted floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes which disrupt or contaminate water sources and supply systems. Their disastrous effects serve to suggest that storing water for home use is as crucial as water is.

Question is, how can we store water effectively in our homes?

Here are three of the common water storage vessels in today’s home. Consult engineering companies in Australia if you need further assistance.

Food Grade Plastic Tanks and Barrels

We are accustomed to the idea that eating or drinking from plastic is unhealthy, especially if the edible is contained in the plastic for a long while. Plastic can however be processed to be relatively safe. Food grade plastics are made of virgin plastic and processed to ensure that they do not leach chemicals into the food. Food grade plastic tanks are High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). They have excellent chemical resistant properties and can withstand high temperatures without emitting toxins. These qualities make them suitable in keeping the purity levels of the water they hold.

How to preserve water

The WaterBOB

The WaterBOB is an emergency drinking water storage bag that is made from food grade plastic. It is probably the newest and most innovative way of storing water in the home, invented by Tony Woodruff in Wausau, USA. If the danger of water shortage is sensed, the WaterBOB is laid in the bathtub and filled with water through a fill-sock. A siphon pump is used to draw water from the bag. Its key advantage is that it can hold up to 100 gallons of potable water.

Water Cisterns

Cisterns are water reservoirs built with concrete, steel, fibreglass or cinder block. They may be located a few meters from the home, on top of the roof, in an attic, or underground. Cisterns are usually a system that is made of a water collection point from rain or other sources, the cistern that serves as the collection point, and a system of tubes that deliver water into the home. Given that the construction material may be susceptible to rust and cracks, water from cisterns should be treated before consumption.

Storing water is a wise practice in any home. No one knows when emergencies or disasters may come knocking at their door. Chose safe water storage vessels as a precaution to ensure your family has water on hand when they need it most. Technology is growing so it won’t be any surprise there are more innovations involving technology and water storage at home being thought of as we speak.

How to Add Value to Your Property When Selling

If it has recently crossed your mind to consider selling your home, you’ll need to begin preparing at the earliest opportunity. For several property owners, it means getting down and dirty to do renovations on their own, but to others, it just means contacting a broker.


Most homes that you will encounter usually have some artworks displayed in it, perhaps a couple of family pictures or a little museum display of items. A discussion has arisen about how artworks raise the cost of homes if it’s for sale. That relies upon a wide range of elements. On the off chance that the house is enriched with some notable artworks of well-known artists, it may increase the price of the property. It still relies upon the individual purchasing the house, if they are partial to it. However, in the end, a nicely laid out exhibition wall of clean artwork will increase the value and appeal when selling the property.

Paint and repair the outside wall:

The first sight that will greet a possible purchaser is the outside part of the house, so it merits ensuring that your home appears presentable from the exterior to interior. Houses that seem frail, old, or unpleasant will not attract buyers. That’s something a crisp layer of paint can address so that it will look updated, upgraded and all around engaging. However, you might want to steer clear from excessively striking shades, for example, lime green, to avoid the house from catching negative attention. These little enhancements will influence a home to appear fresh, less a significant remodelling.

Landscaping and yard lighting:

Purchasers favour a beautifully arranged yard, and it will not cost you excessively to repair it granted that you have sufficient space. A home yard is said to be a decent marker of the time and attention dedicated to the house: dead plants, muddled gardens, or lifeless yards can be a quick kill. Putting resources into fresh soil, garden rocks or stones, bushes, lawns, ornamental plants or trees, and mulch can assist in beautifying your yard; so it would seem taken care of and welcoming. Ensure exterior fencing and gates are all functional and standing straight, a few nails can improve the structure and appearance of an ageing fence.

Inside flooring:

It might appear peculiar. However, the floor is one of the primary areas that purchasers take a gander at after getting in the house. Individuals anticipate that their house floors are modern, tidy, and trendy. Old, stale carpets won’t help your home. Admittedly, wooden floors are persistently famous and low maintenance; an excellent quality carpeting can likewise be very appealing and make a cozy ambience. Make sure to repair any blemishes in your floors and be ready to exchange old carpets.

Kitchen upgrades:

The kitchen is a vital common space in any house. Purchasers need a practical kitchen space that incorporates excellent faucets, cabinets, and countertops.

It’s a typical mix up for dealers to exaggerate kitchen overhauls with extravagant granite or marble countertops with brand new appliances. Even though this will make your kitchen smooth and contemporary, a few purchasers will be displeased by these sorts of updates since they will naturally think that the property is more costly because of them. Regardless, ensure that all appliances are in good shape and that the kitchen is clean and appealing. Upgrade tap fittings and appliances as necessary, the kitchen is an important selling point of the house.

Washroom and toilet repairs:

Like kitchen updates, it’s probably to go insane remodelling a restroom area with brand new showers, toilets, tubs, and cabinets. It is not always required in order to increase your selling price, for as long as your washroom is in legitimate tip-top shape and still looks relatively new. A decent washroom area should be equally practical and stylish. Little fixes such as removing tile residues and painting the walls will improve your bathroom a lot. Fix any chipped bathroom installations to make them presentable. If your bathroom is severely outdated, consider a bathroom remodelling package to enhance the whole area. Bathroom packages are often an affordable and sure way to increase the value of your property.

Details and furnishings:

Adding small details and polishing the often forgotten areas of the property can increase the value. Things such as doorknobs and cabinet handles should all be in working order, and a fresh coat of floor polish can drastically enhance the space. Ensure all lights and lamps have working light bulbs and lighting a pleasant candle or diffuser on inspection day will add to the overall feel and experience for possible buyers. Increase the home-like feel of the property as much as you can and even add some personal flair to show the personality of the property.

Coastal Towns in Tasmania to Purchase Real Estate

Often forgotten about on the map, Tasmania is might be Australia’s best-kept secret. The island country is surrounded by some of the most picturesque and exceptional coastlines this country offers, and with that comes some genuinely beautiful coastal towns.

Whether you are looking to invest or purchase, Tasmania has a lot to offer concerning coastal property. If you want to view what’s on offer in Tasmania but don’t have the time or funding to visit, there are numerous sources online for you to inspect property for sale.


The little town of Bicheno is a seaside town ideal for families on Tasmania’s East Coast. Located close to the Freycinet Peninsula, this city is a wildlife sanctuary, with walking, diving, beautiful reefs and fishing access to explore.

While the town is made up of retirees, there’s a plethora of activities open to travellers, such as penguin tours, national parks and an excellent array of fresh seafood up available. The small population only adds to the charm and paired with the sensible median home price this location might be the ideal match for a family home or investment property.


Located on the Bass Strait is the picture-perfect seaside town of Penguin, which gets its name from its feathery arctic friends which may be seen every night at Penguin Point. Penguin is a short drive of about 25 minutes from Devonport.

There’s a lot to do in this breathtaking city that hosts Tasmania’s largest Sunday markets, with over 200 stalls selling food, wine and homeware – you will never be short of either if you live here! While here, you should take a photo by the iconic giant penguin statue that stands around 10ft tall!

Coles Bay

If you’re searching for a sea change, look no farther than Coles Bay. Just 2.5 hours from Hobart this stunning seaside village is the best place to escape the big smoke every weekend.

If you are an avid hiker, the Freycinet National Park offers spectacular scenery including famous Wineglass Bay, which got its title and a place in the top 10 beaches of Australia. The town is chiefly comprised of childless couples and hosts a little population but is a popular travel destination.

The attractiveness of Coles Bay is famous and revered, and that, of course, is due to its stunning beaches and scenic views. Coles Bay is the main entry point to the Freycinet National Park, and is among Wineglass Bay – included in the list of top ten beaches in the world. A must visit destination for visitors to Tasmania, there are amazing resorts to stay at when in Wineglass Bay. Tourists flock from all over the world for hiking, kayaking and the obligatory Instagram snap of this iconic bay. In this area, you can check yourself into one of Tasmania’s relaxing spa retreats.

Binalong Bay

In this gorgeous seaside town, there’s entirely not any requirement for an Instagram filter. White, blue and ochre line the shore, dancing with each other to make for one of the most relaxing cities in Tasmania. Coastal drives, hikes and snorkelling are a few of the numerous activities to be enjoyed in Binalong.

Otherwise called the ‘Bay of Fires,’ the coastal landscape features rocky gullies splotched with red, of which this city is known for. Primarily populated by retired couples, the median home price is a bit more pricey than some on this listing.

Binalong Bay is the best place to set up camp if you are trying to hang your work boots and dip your feet in the water, and together with the small population and scenic views, you might feel you’ve found your part of Tasmania.


All the way on the west coast lies a tiny port town called Strahan, and if you are a fan of sunsets, this is the place for you. Strahan is also a substantial area for tourism in Tasmania and has also brought a liveliness to the region, which makes it suitable for both home buyers and property investors. We highly recommend viewing online what properties are for sale in Strahan.

The median home price, being extremely affordable, makes buying in this area a potential smart long-term investment or a fantastic home if it’s a fit for you. The gorgeous coastal city has mostly young couples with kids, which makes it an up and coming coastal town. Only a 4.5-hour drive from Hobart and a three-hour drive from Devonport, this is one of Tasmania’s best-kept secrets but perhaps not for much longer.


Home to approximately 20,000 people, Devonport is home to some of Tasmania’s most exceptional views, including the incredible Cradle Mountain. If you are a sea freak and interested in history, then Devonport may give you its rich maritime history, with Bass Strait Maritime Centre being the place to go.

If you consider yourself a foodie, then this country town is only for you. From light cafe fare to great fish and chips as well as locally-bred meats, you will be full to your heart’s content with terrific food!

Devonport also has excellent areas to explore, among them being the famous arboretum (tree garden), or whether you’re looking for something more relaxing, how about the Don River Railway steam train? In this town, where the Spirit of Tasmania ferry departs for Victoria, houses are selling for approximately $230,000. If you are currently living in Australia’s mainland, it could be an idea to set yourself up for a retirement home in Tasmania, or a holiday house. With their population steadily increasing, and house prices going up, it would be best to act sooner rather than later. We recommend you seek advice from a property investment advisor. In doing this, you will be able to develop an achievable property investment plan catered to your financial budget. Tasmania will potentially develop into a fantastic state to lease a rental property if you decide to get in now. If you are a lover of nature and want to spend your days peacefully with a clear view of the sky, then Tasmania might be the place for you.

Starting Out in Real Estate Investment

Property investing is both an attractive and an intimidating universe for novices. The notion of earning money in real estate looks just out of reach to many, and thus they avoid property investing entirely. In fact, while making money in real estate requires dedication and work, anyone can get it done!

Consider it in this manner: Powerful real estate investors were novices reading guides much like the one about the most useful property investing tips. Everybody must begin somewhere. To get you started, below are a few of the very best real estate investing strategies for those wanting to start. Follow these suggestions, and you also can be a part of this course of successful property investors very quickly.

Read, Read, and More Reading

This listing of the best property investing tips would not be complete without telling novice property investors to read whatever they can about buying, owning, and managing an investment property. Do not be overwhelmed by all the property investment books,
guides, novels, and articles on becoming a successful property agent. Instead, concentrate on studying the fundamentals of how to invest in real estate.

Do not presume you can learn it all in one day or maybe from only reading. Successful real estate investors are teaching things daily together with the changing trends in the housing marketplace. Be patient and understand that with expertise, property investing will end up second-hand character.

The Very Best Investment Real Estate for Beginners? A Single Family Home

Beginner property investors are sometimes perplexed concerning which kind of property or land they ought, to begin with. The option is pretty simple: a single-family house. When compared with multifamily homes and apartment complexes, one family house is the simplest method for a newcomer to go to the actual estate investment company. The single-family house is a trusted revenue property in just about any property marketplace.

Having a single-Family dwelling, novice property investors also need to choose whether to pick a conventional investment plan or an Airbnb leasing strategy. Either is very good for beginner property investors. Do not begin your property investing livelihood with commercial real estate land. Typically, property investors start with residential property real estate and work their way upward.

Be Knowledgeable about Financing Choices for an Income Property

Finding a rental house can sometimes be a nuisance for beginner real estate investors. What Assists in the scenario is just two things:

Ensuring that you have a fantastic credit score before funding a leasing home. Learning all the choices for financing a leasing property (conventional and unconventional). Traditional bank loans are the most typical in real estate Investment, but options like hard cash loans, owner financing, and property syndication also exist. Use them for your benefit, and do not overlook property investing opportunities due to lack of funding.

Do not neglect to set a budget for purchasing an investment property, also do your very best to stay with it. Apart from this budget, successful property investors plan a budget for any unforeseen repairs and expenses which may pop up.

Learn How to Recognise a Great Location

Purchasing an investment property begins with picking a fantastic location to invest in, sometimes the location is worth more than the physical property. As a new property agent, this could be a bit less intuitive for you. The best start is to examine the cities property pros say have booming property markets. Weigh up the pros and cons of different areas and conduct a benchmark audit to determine the best areas. Favourable neighbourhoods are those which are quiet, well served by schools, transport and are safe.

Do not kindly follow guides about the best cities for real estate investing. What we mean is, be sure to understand why these places are fantastic for purchasing an investment property. Should you take some opportunity to understand this, with time, then you are going to have the ability to recognise the finest property markets all on your own. Do networking in your area and attend seminars with high-quality advisors where you will gain insights and learn to make your judgements.

Take Rental Property Management Seriously

Poor rental home management could be the only reason an investment property fails. The job does not stop after purchasing an investment property. Rental property management requires a while to understand, but it’s going to be well worth it if you are experiencing high occupancy rates and a steady rental income.

Do not overlook the landlord-tenant relationship. Simple things such as listening to comments from renters can continue to keep a healthier landlord-tenant relationship. This aids landlord in earning money in real estate. Or employ expert real estate management. Beginner Property investors can decide on expert real estate management so you can be stress-free.

How To Get The Most Value From Your Real Estate Agent

Do not ever underestimate the importance of a property representative on your lifetime investment.

The truth is that you are very concerned about one of those largest financial transactions of your lifetime, and are critical in making certain that you receive the greatest possible price for the house . And like any relationship, you must put in work and diligence to ensure that you create the team that aligns with your values and takes interest in your best interest. Make no mistake, it’s a balancing act – you want to understand what your agent is doing and how that translates to value, as well as giving them their own space to do what they do best. You need to push and work with your real estate agent, without irritating them.

Everything begins with discovering the most effective property agent to suit your needs.

Finding the Most Appropriate Broker.

Your broker should behave as your trusted advisor and prepare yourself to fight your corner and also assist you attain your property objectives. You should be seeking to have an open relationship together, built on mutual confidence and esteem. Concerning qualities, they need to be honest, professional, approachable and a fantastic communicator as well has have expert local knowledge in the field. You need to know what you’re looking for, if you are selling residential property you need an agent with insight into family living, for retail property you need a retail property agent that knows about the market and location for businesses.

As Soon as You have hired an agent, You must be certain they’re doing their job. This is the way:

Be Sure to Obtain an Accurate Appraisal

Finding a precise appraisal on your home is essential to make sure you receive the greatest possible price in the shortest interval. Besides helpful online property sales resources, tools and sites that provide property valuation the first appraisal you receive from the realtor is the very best manual in an asking price. Too large and your property won’t market, too low and you also risk, literally, selling yourself short. If interest on your premises is slow your broker ought to be telling you if they believe the cost is too large, and advocating a more realistic one.

Produce Ground Rules and Expectations

To ensure a fantastic mutual relationship with your broker look to put in some ground rules and expectations from day one. Just like how frequently you wish to be upgraded, otherwise you’re setting up the relationship for failure. The finest real estate agents always reserve appointments beforehand, call ahead, and also provide you time to receive your house ready for a screening. They should realise that you own a lifetime that still wants to work while the selling procedure is underway.

Listen To Your Real Estate Broker‘s Advice

If you hire a high performing local agent, which should be your target, then you want to get ready to follow their guidance. If they’re stating your asking price is too high, or that you will need to invest in a different advertising station, take some opportunity to think about their view. According to their experience and experience of their local market they’re very likely to be appropriate. Should you continue ignoring their information you’re very likely to violate up your mutual understanding and hope.

Communication with Your Real Estate Representative

You need to be hearing from the broker at minimum once a week or more. If you are not, tell them it is not good enough. They ought to be letting you know whenever someone enquires on your premises or gets an offer. The deal might be lower than your asking price, but finally you make the telephone. A fantastic broker should remain available to handle your issues as they develop.

Agree on a Promotion Plan For The Property

A badly advertised property is not going to market or be Available for months. At best you are going to wind up accepting a ridiculously low offer. To prevent these situations, make sure that you agent has a definite marketing strategy to find the most eyeballs in your premises. That entails you taking the time to experience every detail, such as which photographs are used. Your property description should also record all of the selling points that you need to emphasise. Your agent also must be promoting your house to the ideal audience. These details must be clearly itemised on your broker’s initial marketing strategy proposition. And keep in mind, it is not always a fantastic idea to attempt to receive a cheaper deal on advertisements since this does not enable your broker to receive the best price or attract the proper buyers to your property.

Be Sure a Sale is Progressing so it Could be Nurtured Through to End

Some brokers could have tons of properties in their books, and there’s the chance that you will slip off their radar. If your broker isn’t as communicative as you’d like, do not hesitate to shout. Ask them to get more regular updates. You must make certain the sale is progressing and you may help cultivate it through to completion. Before you decide to sell without agents and save money, think about how much value an agent can add to your sale.