Home Safety and Security Measures for the Elderly

Home Safety and Security Measures for the Elderly

With getting older, it gets harder to go along in life. Older adults have to deal with visual and hearing problems, various aches, a loss of muscular strength and physical unsteadiness. With a decrease in endurance ability, there might be a few measures that can help them through these tough times. Decreasing bone density makes this group more vulnerable to the smallest of accidents.

Measures should start at home because this is the place that people spend most of their time. Home is the place that everyone should feel safe.


Handrails are the first thing that can be used to provide older people support. After all, with age often comes various diseases that may cause them to become weak or dizzy. That is why handrails are the ultimate resource in fall prevention. The lighting near the stairs should be bright enough to make it easy to see.

If affordability is not a problem, sensors can be used near stairs to make the guiding process simpler. This process is vital as most accidents happen near the stairs. The curved edges make slipping easier and so the condition of stairs should be checked at regular intervals.


There should be rails next to the bed for the person’s comfort. It should not be too high for them either. If movement into the bed can be guided with the help of the rails, this will allow the individual to have increased independence. The larger the room, the smaller the chances of any injuries occurring. It would be better if their room is on the lower floors. All powerpoints and switches should be within their reach, and there should be proper lighting as per the need of the setting, i.e. day and night. 


The kitchen is another place that might cause severe injury or even death for anyone, let alone the elderly. The gas connection should be equipped as such that it turns off in case of flames. Proper exhaust systems might be a lifesaver. Heavyweight items should be placed on the lowest possible shelf, and things like knives should be kept so that they are in a safe space away from people.


Slip-proof floors help with slipping problem in the bathrooms. The lock system should be secure and not too complicated. The system installed to manage the water temperature should be set and be easy to manage to avoid burns from extremely hot water. The ventilation should be adequate, and the bathroom should have appropriate aids.

Apart from this, there are several things that people must pay attention to.

Before answering the door

Lighting might help with intrusions. Also, placing cameras at the door might deter burglars. One can even peek through the window before answering the door, as intruders see old age as an opportunity to break in and steal valuables.

Dealing with emergencies

Cell phones prove to be a great help when it comes to emergencies. Speed dial is the ultimate solution. The list of speed dial contacts may contain the phone numbers of family members, hospitals, ambulance, police and the fire department.

Senior citizens should have big button cell phones because normal cell-phones can be an inconvenience to them. Also, the brightness should be set on high.

  • When it comes to medications, there are various devices to remind people when they need to take their pills. A gadget like this can help in avoiding medical emergencies.
  • Walking aids like a walking stick can help a senior citizen with mobility and injury prevention
  • There are emergency response systems available in the market that help senior citizens to contact the nearest station in case of medical emergencies.

The simplest of steps can prevent the largest of accidents. And so we must keep in mind the safety of people who were once responsible for ours.