The advantages of building with natural timber.

Currently there has been an increased rate of environmental pollution from using certain types of building material. It’s for this reason that millennials are opting for natural timber material for their house construction needs. Timber is derived from the forests and this makes it perfectly suitable as it can be harvested and regenerated. Regular tree planting makes it available throughout the years. From external timber cladding to internal flooring, walls, and furniture; this article will discuss some of the advantages to home owners when they opt for natural timber materials when building their home.

1. Natural material

Timber is derived from nature and therefore a natural material. When using timber for building it is very safe because it does not contain any toxic or harmful substances in it. Therefore it can be handled and touched without any problem. Additionally, after several years of use the timber ages naturally without breaking down into toxic substances which are damaging to the environment. 

2. Sustainable overtime

From time immemorial timber has been used as a construction material and has been sustainable over the years. Also since timber is renewable as it can be grown, most companies and nations using timber for construction have lain down policies that instruct replanting of two or more trees for every tree cut for timber.  This allows the use of timber for construction over centuries, decades, and years due to their availability and sustainability.

3. Great in insulation

Timber is known to be a great natural insulator ideal for building. It reduces energy needs when incorporated in the floor, door, or windows.  When compared to a brick building, timber has spaces for insulation. Timber has natural thermal insulating features and thus when used in a building then less energy is required to heat up the home. It is also easier to cool it down, therefore resulting in minimal use of fossil fuels when heating and cooling the home.

4. Light and stong

Timber is a relatively lightweight construction building material. It has a great self support length (breaking length). Timber therefore can easily support its weight much better then other materials. When building large spaces using timber minimal support is required to support the building. 

5. Easy to work with

In construction timber can be used in various ways due to its flexible nature. Due to its relatively lightweight nature it can be easily installed and used for working with incredibly simple equipment. Timber battens can be prefabricated and easily installed. The energy needed for construction is reduced in great quantity. Based on the fact that various trees produce timber of different textures and colors, it can be used for various functions in construction.

6. Easy maintenance and durable 

Natural timber can be easily maintained and overtime it may change its original color. As earlier mentioned, various types of timber exist; some wood types are highly durable while most can be easily maintained once it has been used in the building. There are timber types that are known to last centuries without breaking down or decomposing. 

7. Timber is biodegradable

One of the greatest challenges in the building and construction industry is that many building materials (such as plastic, metal, and concrete) take a long time, or even rarely decompose. Timber on the other hand, easily decomposes when it’s exposed to natural climate, and as a result adds nutrients to the soil when it breaks down. Once timber has been discarded after use it easily decomposes without causing any pollution to the environment.

8. Carbon store 

Trees are known to absorb carbon present in the environment. Timber stores carbon emitted in the environment within its structure, it acts as like a sponge storing carbon for the whole period the house is standing. This is highly beneficial to the environment as it reduces greenhouse effects.

The natural choice

Natural timber has been used as a building material for many many canturies. Throughout time its popularity has increased due to the advantages associated with it. Natural timber stores carbon emitted in the environment, its biodegradable, it’s renewable, can be easily used and maintained in construction, among others beneficial aspects as highlighted in the article. It should be continued to be used as a primary building material for all these reasons.