Home Interior Matte Finish

There is no denying that matte finishes are on the trend and are slowly making their way into peoples homes. From matte make-up to the matte paint on your car it is now making its way into our lives on our furniture polishes and the walls.

Matte paint can bring elegance and simplicity along with a modern touch to any space in your home.

Here is a good way to give your home interior a matte finish

Where to paint with matte?

Matte finishes have been featured on furniture, ceramics, fixtures and walls in many homes. Often matte will be found alongside high gloss glaze, and metallic to create a contrast of sheens and the matte works at hiding the imperfections within the older walls. The painters love to use matte paint due to the fact it hides the gyprock joins well on the previously unpainted walls.

Picking out your matte colours

If you are unsure what you want then consider Taubmans colour galaxy where you have access to over 6,000 colours. It is an advance in technology that allows the matte interior to work equally with all different colours.

Prepping and painting in matte

Matte is better with surface imperfections. However, the preparation is still the same, and you will still need to choose the right fillers then wash and sand down, dust off and clean up. With the matte interior furniture stain paint, you can just treat it like other types of paint. Try and get a decent roller and don’t overwork it, and you will end up with a good result. With matte paint, you will start to see an orange peel look to the paint on the wall when you see this move onto the next section as the paint will dry smooth.
Matte paint is good for repainting and touch-ups as it is a more forgiving paint when it is applied over existing paint and the surfaces that have been compromised of different materials. You want to steer clear of sheen as it tends to highlight all the imperfections and joins etc.

Green gate

Cleaning matte walls

It is best to use warm water and a mild detergent to dab the marks off. You will need to dry the wet area afterwards; otherwise, you will be able to see where you cleaned the area.

Now matte surfaces absorb light instead of reflecting it so you will need to be careful as it can make the room feel smaller. The rich and soft look of matte paint works well in dreamy bedrooms, studies and sitting rooms. Topped off with a nice piece of artwork with a polished feature will really set the matte backdrop.

Matte paint is a step up from the flat type paint and is durable with kids and frequent washing. Matte paint is easier to apply and is more affordable than the other options of paint. Ensure you check with a professional that matte paint is best suited for your next project and just which one is the better option for what you want it for. From painting furniture to painting walls, matte finish paint is the better option. Don’t wait around to get the job done, get yourself some matte paint and cross that job off the list for good.