Carpets or New Tiles? Home Design Choices

Usually, smart buyers consider many factors before choosing new renovation flooring designs. So, knowing the pros and cons of each floor design and materials choice is essential. Apart from ceramic tiles, carpet and rugs also look great in modern homes. However, homeowners can determine what they want after making their budgets. According to expert opinions; we shall break down the pros and cons of the ceramic or concrete look tiles, and carpet flooring. It will help designers, and builders know which is best for their client’s home. 

What Are the Cons of New Tiles?

Risk of Slips and Accidents

Safety is often an issue of concern when choosing new flooring products. Occupants with luxury vinyl tile floor and regular stone tiles users, face the risk of spills and accidents. Unlike the carpet, users find more balance to their feet after installing the underneath pads. While walking on slippery new tiles, people require maximum care. To protect from spills and accidents, most times we lay waterproof mats on wet tiles. Even installing tiles on uneven floors can cause tripping hazards.

Low Comfort Levels

Most buyers prefer tiles because of their aesthetic designs. However, the comfort level when you lay on floor tiles is not as carpets. Carpets are mostly used by commercial companies that focus on a professional environment as the main objective. Here objective overshadows the convenience of use, and the friction caused by these carpets is what is deemed as suitable. But this isn’t the same case when it comes to homes. The convenience of use and the elegance it reflects are the two factors focussed upon the most. Tiles are hard materials that provide cold, but beautiful surfaces. It’s more comfortable to enjoy the cushioning effects of carpets than rock-solid and flat tiles. Ceramic, porcelain, and stone floor tiles need heat to enhance comfort. Usually, the budget for floor heating devices adds more cost to renovation budgets.

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What Are the Pros of New Tiles?  

Durability and Appearance

Like fashion, tiles are unique home design choices because they have ‘luxe’ and classical options. Tiles don’t retain stains, and it’s easy for cleaners to maintain them. They make alternative and better flooring options when interior designers consider the aesthetic beauty of flooring materials. Also, they are more durable stain-resistant carpeting materials because tiles don’t have frayed edges.

Flexible Application

Personalizing home designs with tiles, backsplashes, and countertops is ideal for modern buildings. Wall and flooring materials of modern kitchens often blend with colour themes of their interior space. Carpets lack the flexibility option that allows for pattern mix on interior floors and walls. By matching the colours and designs of floor tiles, homeowners can boost the value of their properties.

What Are the Cons of Carpets?

Edge Frays

It’s often common to see fraying edges of carpets as they start to wear out. Even with small square carpets, their edges wear faster when they are placed in high-traffic areas. In extreme conditions, lose strings and strands of carpet materials are seen on these edges. 


Sometimes you’ll see the pattern of wear on old carpet. The floor area where people exert more pressure with their feet tends to show depression. Regardless of underlay pads, these areas begin to show signs of wear after a period. Unlike stone and ceramic tiles that are more durable, the lifespan of carpets is only some years.


Considering the cost of laying carpets, they tend to be on the expensive side as compared to having tiles laid or already having the tiles when you had moved in. This makes the decision facing a home owner quite direct and biased towards the cheaper option. Moreover, carpets take a lot more time and efforts to be laid out and flattened over time. Once washed, carpets take almost 2-3 days to dry by itself. This becomes much more of a task during winters.  

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What Are the Pros of Carpets?

More Comfortable

Before choosing your home flooring design, it’s important to understand soft textures are comfortable. Usually, it’s convenient to sit or lay on carpeting materials than hard tiles. Another benefit of installing carpets is the thickness of underlay foams that provide comfort when you walk on them. Moreover, it provides the comfort of warmth and cosiness during the winters, where walking on the cold tiles may seem like a true nightmare without your home slippers. Tiles capture the coolness and keep it trapped which makes tiles extremely difficult to walk on. Carpets here becomes the life saviour.

Flexible Application

Apart from providing warmth to your feet, carpets are great soundproof materials. As home improvement materials, carpets come in a variety of textures and styles. So, conference halls and clubs use carpet materials for dampening sound and reducing noise pollution. This flexible application gives the carpet an edge over floor tiles.